About Tour Company

I've always loved showing visiting friends around Cape May, eating at delicious restaurants, telling them about its history, especially the interesting stories behind the beautiful Victorian buildings. In 2011 I had a revelation. My daughter, Lee, was just starting at the University of Georgia in Athens. On a visit, I was walking down the street and picked up a brochure for a FOOD TOUR. Like everyone else I said, "What's a Food Tour?" I read: Great Food, Fun History, Beautiful Architecture. Here's the lightbulb moment: Cape May has Great Food, Fun History, Beautiful Architecture... and we don't have a FOOD TOUR......I'm doing this! At that moment I started down the path to creating Cape May's #1 Tour.

Enjoying delicious food in Cape May with my family.

Meet The Founder

Mary Ockrymiek

Sharing this wonderful city’s great eateries, food, and drinks!


Interested in joining our team and leading tours? Email us at: info@capemayfoodtours.com